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We strive to develop the child as a whole person, providing many worth-while learning opportunities that embrace the growth of emotional intelligence alongside physical, spiritual, social, psychological and professional development.

N.P.S pupils become positive, responsible people, working and cooperating with others, having developed knowledge and skills through learning that extends well beyond a traditional classroom. Each week our pupils enjoy many learning experiences outside of their own classroom, working closely with the local community and taking advantage of our closeness to Newcastle city centre.

We were proud to achieve our Bronze award in LOtC in June 2018.

Learning Outside the Classroom

As a forward looking school we are aware of the unmistakable benefits learning outside the classroom brings to children. We have spent a lot of time developing our curriculum to include as many opportunities as possible for children to learn outside their normal classroom environment, extending our creative curriculum.

Outdoor Learning

At N.P.S we encourage outdoor learning wherever possible. Children benefit from a wide range of outdoor learning opportunities including Forest School sessions, cross-curricular learning in our patio and garden area as well as free, continuous provision in our large outdoor field and playground. In the EYFS children have access to a newly refurbished outdoor learning area including all-natural wooden furniture and resources encouraging a holistic approach to learning. We are also looking forward to future developments such as our school allotment and Faith Garden taking shape later on this year.

Forest School

In September 2017 we opened our very own Forest School site. The teaching staff and children alike worked hard to design our very own forestry setting. Our pupils decided to include tipis, den building, a campfire, water play and even a hot chocolate hut into the design. Since September, the whole school has enjoyed using our Forest School for both specific outdoor skill learning and cross-curricular creativity.

School Trips

Each class participates in at least one trip out of school each half term. Trips range from topic based educational outings to activity packed buddy trips, which encourage problem solving and team building skills. From Year 3 onwards children enjoy weekly swimming lessons at Jesmond pool as well as regular sporting fixtures both home and away.

Our Local Community

We have a very close bond with our local community and have regular visits to community buildings and areas as a school. We have a particularly good relationship with Jesmond Parish Church who kindly host our annual Christmas Carol Concert and other celebrations. In summer 2017, Year 6 enjoyed filming the summer blockbuster ‘Murder at Magpie Manor’ at the Mansion House in Jesmond. We are lucky to be situated in a suburb of Newcastle with many amazing opportunities and places to visit on our doorstep.


We frequently welcome visitors into school, including professionals from a range of academic vocations as well as parents and ex-pupils with life experience and advice to share with our pupils. We have particularly enjoyed visits from Professor Brainstorm during STEM week and EYFS enjoy weekly visits from YogaBugs demonstrating a wide range of educational opportunities.

Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.- Dr Maria Montessori

I never teach my pupils, I only provide the conditions in which they can learn.- Albert Einstein 1879-1955

Instruction ends in the schoolroom, but education ends only with life. A child is given the universe to be educated.-

Frederick William Robertson

How far can you go?

NPS children are confident, eager learners because they are nurtured and encouraged to succeed every step of the way.

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