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We believe this means providing young minds with an excellent, stimulating academic education and offering them opportunities to build confidence and develop responsibility in a safe, welcoming and happy environment.


Since the first award was offered to an NPS child in 1897 (£50 to Durham School) our children have established a fine tradition of being offered scholarships. Local schools which offer scholarships are Dame Allan’s, Newcastle High School for Girls, Newcastle School for Boys, Durham School and Westfield. RGS does not award scholarships but does offer bursaries on the basis of financial need.

We have a strong history of children being offered scholarships upon entry into Year 7 for sport, music, art and academic achievement.

Last year, 22% of the cohort were offered a scholarship entitling them to reduced fees of up to 50%.

11+ Destinations

In our area, we are fortunate in the number, variety and quality of Senior Schools, all of which have an entry point at Year 7. At NPS, we pride ourselves on establishing the foundations which enable children to thrive at their next school. By the time our children reach the end of Year 6 they are ready to move on with confidence, having experienced the best in primary education and knowing that the school they are moving on to is the right one for them to attain their full potential.

All of our Year 6 pupils sit entrance examinations in the Spring term of their final year with us. They are well prepared for these during their time here at NPS thanks to specialist and experienced teaching. During Years 5 and 6, parents are invited to discuss which schools would be right for their child with Ms Coleman and their children's teachers and usually decide to sit for two or three chosen schools.

In 2020, 62 independent secondary school places were offered to our cohort of 29 children

9 scholarships were awarded on academic merit up to the value of a 50% reduction in fees

A record high of 86% success rate on entry to RGS

An amazing 25 places offered at Dame Allan’s including 4 scholarships of up to 40%

Our girls did exceptionally well at NHSG, with 100% success rate!

Well done Year 6 

How far can you go?

NPS children are confident, eager learners because they are nurtured and encouraged to succeed every step of the way.

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