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  • The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements was deemed excellent
  • The personal development of the pupils was also considered to be excellent

Inspectors noted many positive attributes of our children, including that they:

  • Achieve at a high standard across a wide curriculum 
  • Are highly skilled communicators, developing their skills rapidly from the earliest age in response to many opportunities for speaking and listening, reading, and writing
  • Are highly numerate and achieve at levels which are in advance of age-related expectations
  • Are extremely effective at working collaboratively
  • Develop highly effective study skills

The Focused Compliance element of the Inspection has helped to further improve practice within school and all action points have been quickly implemented and will be regularly reviewed. School has welcomed this independent report as one tool amongst many, that helps us to engage in a cycle of evaluation and improvement. 

You can download the full Focused Compliance and Educational Quality Inspection Report below. 


Steps to Success

NPS children are confident, eager learners because they are nurtured and encouraged to succeed every step of the way.

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